Vakantiepark Gerolstein Duitsland

Vakantiepark Gerolstein

In collaboration with Christian Müller Architects, Krill architecture and Archilos plan developers, Basement is developing a sustainable holiday park.
In the German Eiffel, on a beautiful hillside covered with forests, a park for 145 houses has been designed. The houses are carefully designed and arranged to have minimal impact on their surroundings. Not only out of respect for the site, also because the main asset, the natural wealth should not be dominated by buildings. The houses are merged with the landscape, pleasantly surprising the wanderer who stumbles onto it.
To reduce the damage to the environment and still keep an efficient constructionplanning, the houses are designed to be constructed of a prefabricated modular system. Some of the wood applied derives from the local forest.
The park will be self-sustainable, combining a luxury lifestyle with the rugged landscape. Buried into the hills the central facilities like a swimming pool, spa facilities and a health centre are accommodated.

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